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At Plano Landscaping Company, we provide property owners with complete hedge maintenance, trimming, and removal services. As your hedge removal company, we specialize in both tree removal and trimming services as well as shrub and hedge cutting and trimming.

We provide our residential and commercial customers throughout Plano, TX, with the advantage of working with one company for all of their hedge installation and maintenance, bush trimming services, and even full stump grinding after larger trees are removed from the property.

The teams of professional, experienced hedge trimmers are experts at landscaping shrub removal to get rid of older hedges, shrubs, and trees that are no longer thriving. We will then complete new hedge installation and maintenance to keep your new hedges and landscaping looking lush, green, and beautiful throughout the year.

Our experts at shrub and hedge trimming use the most effective methods to safely remove extra growth, beautifully shaping your hedges to suit your specific style. As your hedge removal contractor, we can also work with you to determine the right replacement hedges based on growth, flowers, colors, or other characteristics you wish to incorporate into your landscaping.

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Trimming and Shaping

Trimming and shaping of hedges and bushes are typically done by hand using a variety of specialized tools. During trimming, we may recommend garden hedge removal for plants that are no longer salvageable.

Full Cleanup of Your Property

After hedge stump removal, trimming, or stump grinding, we clean up all the debris, leaving your property in pristine condition.

To find out more about our shrub and hedge trimming and bush removal service, call or text PLC today at 214-624-6011.

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