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Keeping your Plano, TX, property safe and secure is important. Having a privacy hedge with or without a fence is a great way to create boundaries that will continue to grow and add lush greenery to your residential or commercial property.

PLC is a top hedge installation company with teams of professional landscapers and installers to create your ideal space. Our hedge installation services begin with helping you to determine the right species of hedge to provide the growth, color, flowers, and other features you desire.

We work with a variety of species of natural privacy hedge varieties, including the dramatic look of an evergreen privacy hedge. Depending on the type of hedge selected, our customers will often find the privacy hedge surpasses their expectations for blocking neighbors or those walking by the property from seeing into the yard.

Get Instant Hedge Installation

Thanks to our expert, professional landscaping crews, we can develop a plan for privacy hedge and tree installation services that are completed as soon as you schedule the date. We can complete tree and hedge planting services for residential yards in and around Plano, TX, as well as for larger commercial properties.

Our teams are also experienced at designing and installing pool and privacy fence designs that are both practical and meet all code requirements for your area. From tree and hedge installation to hedge tile installation for easy lawn maintenance, we offer it all.

To talk to the hedge and tree experts at Plano Landscaping Company, call us at 214-624-6011.

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