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Residential and commercial property owners in and around Plano, TX, know how hard the weather in this area can be on your lawn. The heat of the summer, heavy rains during the spring and fall, and the dramatic temperature changes throughout the winter months can leave dead areas in the lawn or damage the entire lawn.

At Plano Landscaping Company, we provide a full range of sod installation, repair, and replacement services. We are experts at assisting you in choosing the right sod variety for your property, ensuring a lawn that will continue to look lush and green for years to come. Our lawn sod services ensure the professional installation needed to give your new lawn everything needed to grow and thrive.

Local Plano, TX, Sod and Turf Installers

As an experienced sod company in the area, we provide ongoing maintenance services for your new lawn. Our teams will complete the grass sod installation process, including preparing your residential or commercial property ground for maximum growth potential in the critical few weeks and months after installation.

As a full service, professional landscaping company, we also offer ongoing care and maintenance of your newly installed lawn. We offer grass cutting, fertilization, weed treatment, and overall management of your lawn, gardens, trees, and shrubs.

Our residential and commercial turn and sod service is the perfect companion service to our landscaping package. Allowing the professional teams at PLC to maintain your commercial or residential property means the sod for a new lawn, or to repair or replace an existing lawn, will continue to look lush, green, and vibrant even throughout the uncertain Plano, TX, weather.

For more details on our lawn sod services, contact PLC at 214-624-6011.

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