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Although we all want a healthy and well-maintained yard, finding the time and energy to make that happen can be a challenge. Even when you have the time, making sure you have the right equipment that is in working order, braving the mosquitoes and often hot and muggy conditions, and keeping up a regular schedule is a tall order when we are juggling many other priorities. PLC offers a complete package of lawn services in Plano, as well as routine maintenance, so you can maximize your curb appeal while leaving the work to our knowledgeable and dependable staff.

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Take the heavy-duty mowing, shearing, mulching, and seeding off your to-do list-our lawn care professionals have got you covered. Our experts have the know-how to keep your lawn at its best, even through those infamous Texan summers. We’ll bring the green so you can spend your weekends on you. You and your lawn deserve the best: Plano, we have a solution.

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