Add Decades Of Beauty With Our Tree Installation Service

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Plano Landscaping Company is the leading tree installation service for Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our experts are available to plant one tree in your yard or to create a beautiful, shaded space to enjoy outdoor living at your home.

In addition to a residential landscaping tree service, we also provide tree care and installation for commercial properties. As your professional landscaping company, we can complete tree installation and then follow up to maintain your trees. This includes pruning and trimming, fertilizing, mulching, and protecting your trees from insects and disease.

Professional Landscapers

Our tree installers use the best methods to plant and secure trees in place, allowing the root systems to grow into the soil to provide stability. We can replace trees that have been removed or add new trees to the landscaping.

PLC provides full landscape installation, creating custom gardens, water features, and ponds for your yard. Our garden planting services allow you to sit back and relax while we make your property a beautiful place.

Complete Tree Care Services

Property owners can choose different options for adding to their landscaping. While some commercial and residential owners may want to plant younger trees and watch them grow, we also offer large tree planting service. Using the correct equipment, we plant mature trees on your property, allowing you to have the benefits of shade and comfort without having to wait.

If you are in Plano, TX, or the surrounding areas, call on the team at PCL for all your landscaping needs. We are just a call away at 214-624-6011.

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