Christmas Light Installation & Removal

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year here in Dallas, TX. Christmas lights and Christmas decor bring joy and holiday spirit to our neighborhoods. We are proud to announce we are now offering Christmas light installation and Christmas decorating services in North TX.  Our goal is to make your Christmas bright and joyful. Every install we do comes with a %100 guarantee through the entire season.

Plano Landscaping Company now offers holiday lighting installation. It is an all inclusive hands off service. You can provide the lights or we can. We will handle the installation and the removal. 

We provide professional holiday lights installation for residential, commercial and HOAs entrances.

Residential customers can get an instant quote online! Just send us a picture of your house to info@planolandscaping.net 

For HOA or commercial project, schedule a free onsite design consultation.

Why Our Customers Trust PLC For Christmas Lighting Installation

Custom  Installations

Every house is different, which is why our holiday light installers use custom commercial grade lightbulbs. You can expect nothing but beautiful clean lines of light that you and your neighbors will enjoy this holiday season. 

Simple Online Quotes

Simply send us a picture of your home and we will be able to send you a quote back very quickly. 


Don’t stress about the lights not working with our maintenance assurance. If the lights don’t work or a bulb is out, just give us a call. We’ll happily come out to replace lights or make adjustments. We want you to enjoy your Christmas while being stress-free.

Prompt Removal & Storage

All lights should be removed by the 3rd week of January. For 1st year customers, we will neatly organize and pack away your lights into plastic bins(that we provide) to store away for next year. You do not need to be home for us during the removal process.

It is not necessary for you to be home during the time of install, provided there is access to powered outdoor outlets. Our lighting crew will test the lights after putting them up to be certain all connections are securely fit.

Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the weather but we will come out the 1st time for free to fix your lights. 

Like the weather, we don’t have control what our little critters might do. It’s actually why we don’t recommend you put lights on your trees as these little critters get confused to why their home is bright all of a sudden! Again our 1st service call will be free so that we can make adjustments but there will be a $50 fee for every additional service call afterwards.

All lights and decorations come with a warranty as long as Plano Landscaping Company is performing the installation and removal. The lights are checked at the time of install and quality of workmanship guaranteed. 

Our goal is to have all customer’s lights removed by January 21. An email will be sent notifying you of the approximate day we will be out to perform your removal. We run our crews by neighborhood to take down all the lights of our customers in a neighborhood. For first year customers, we provide Rubbermaid bins at no charge in which we neatly organize your lights for you to store during the offseason. You do not need to be home for us during the removal process.

All residential clients are purchasing the lights and are custom fitted to your house according to the design you choose. Our experience has been that by purchasing the lights from us, we can ensure that all the bulbs work before installing them.

Yes. If the install team has the required materials to perform the additional requests is preferred to take care of those requests on the day of the installation. If there is additional lighting you want done after the install team has left, there may be an additional trip charge for the crew to return. You are also welcome to call us with additional decorations before you installation date to update your order.

For the safety of our installers, we will not be able to do any installations if there is any rain, hail sleet, snow on the day of installation. We reserve the right to reschedule in order to keep our team safe. We will reach out to you via email and text if there has to be a rescheduling and usually will try to squeeze you in the next day.

YES! We would love for you to refer us and would be happy to give you a $25 credit for every new customer you send our way. 

We will only help PAST CUSTOMERS who have purchased our light packages. We will not be able to work with any of your lights or box lights you have purchased as we can’t ensure the quality of the lights you have purchased.

We are able to now service HOAs and commercial clients by taking care of their holiday decorations for their HOA Entrances. Book an appointment for a free.
If you are an HOA board member, we would love to discuss with you how we can give all of your HOA a special discount for their own holiday light installation. 

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