Landscape Redesign In Plano, TX

Plano Landscaping Gallery

Plano Landscaping Company is a strong team made up of plant professionals. If you’re looking to add natural beauty to your yard or landscaping, something that follows Mother Nature’s design, call PLC. We pride ourselves on creating and building ecologically correct gardens. That doesn’t mean your yard will become overgrown with weeds or unwanted plants – our team is great at accurately determining the style and features you want before designing your custom landscaping creation.

Here at PLC, we have over 30 years of landscaping experience. Our team of plant professionals has a deep love for nature, and are highly educated through our training processes. Each team member has a strong work ethic and values, crucial to making sure that your job is done right the first time! You’ll love working with our team of landscaping artists, we guarantee it!


Landscape Designs

We love the tradition of the old southern courtyard and southern plants here at Plano Landscaping Company. When it comes to designing your picturesque courtyard, we can be the key component in making that happen! Southern gardens and landscapes elicit images of carefully manicured boxwoods, cherry blossoms, cardinal flowers, lavender, lilac, and more! If you’re interested in more rare heirloom plants, we can incorporate those as well! Our designers are thrilled when your ideas and visions come to life!


Plano Landscaping Gallery
Plano Landscaping Gallery

Hardscaping in Plano, TX

Our team of experts know what it takes to bring out the rustic and natural features of stone. Our experience with hardscaping materials has taught us to make beautiful retaining and decorative walls, large stone steps, small stone pathways, benches, and many other stone features. After we utilize the stone, we then complement the work with foliage – blending the two together and making it even more beautiful, functional, and most importantly…natural!

We Have a Passion for Quality and it Shows!
For over 25 years, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the leading landscape design companies providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Our team of experts has worked hard to maintain an excellent reputation and set the standards high for our industry.