Your Plano, TX Lawn Care Maintenance Guide

A month-to-month guide for the perfect lawn care maintenance year round.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Installing mulch helps aid in weed prevention, reduces soil erosion, helps maintain moisture, and gives the landscape a finished look.


Prune ornamental trees, for example, Crepe Myrtles and cut back ornamental grasses, perennials, and roses.


Mowing heights will be set at 3-3.5″ for tall Fescue and 2-2.5″ for Bermuda and Zoysia to motivate thickening. Start tip pruning on new plants to motivate growth.


We will bring down the trimmer setting one score to evacuate excessive overwintering leaves. This encourages speedier greening of the lawn. Fertilize trees and bushes for improved health.

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Check soil moisture intermittently. Most lawns need in any event one inch of water for each week to stay green and effectively growing. Core aeration for warm season turf can lessen pressure brought about by soil compaction and help decrease thatch development.


We will never remove more than 1/3 of the top growth while mowing. Mowing too short also decreases grass root development and limits the turf’s capacity to contend with weeds.


We mulch and recycle clippings while cutting to reestablish significant supplements once again into the dirt.


We look out for discolored turf, which may indicate pressure or a bug/disease issue.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fall is the best time to aerate and seed Fescue yards. Core aeration and seeding is performed to lighten soil compaction and restore new turfgrass.


Drought and heat stress can harm your lawn. Symptoms include: shriveling, hazier, pale blue dark regions and leaves that twist lengthwise. Water profoundly once or twice per week for 30 to 45 minutes.


Fall is an extraordinary chance to plant trees and bushes.


Water your landscape. Satisfactory moisture improves your fall applications.

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Fallen tree leaves evacuated to prevent smothering your grass. Limbs and debris are expelled alongside the overall clean up of the landscape performed for these special seasons.


Keep on mowing until the turf quits developing.


Strolling on frozen grass can harm mowing blades. Remain off grass until frost vanishes.


Your lawn roots might be dynamic. During dry and breezy periods, water your yard like clockwork. Pruning plans for early spring are created with homeowners.

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